What is PeepSprout?

PeepSprout is a simple Facebook alternative with a clean look and feel that pays members $10 for each new friend they add. In our world, adding friends is referred to as “sprouting people” – hence the name “PeepSprout”. It’s the social network of the future, without any annoying advertising. We are now welcoming new members, so you can sign up today.

How does the member referral program work?

  • Become a member of PeepSprout for only $5 a month.
  • Set up your profile with text, photos, videos, and other content like you would do on any other online community.
  • Tell your friends to join PeepSprout. When they join and designate you as their referrer, you will earn $10 for each new friend you sprout.
  • Let’s say for example you’ve been paying $5 a month and have been on PeepSprout for 12 months – that’s a $60 cost over a year. Now assume you sprout only 2 friends a month – that’s a total of 24 friends during the year and $240 earned for you to use as you wish.

Why is there a membership fee?

PeepSprput does charge a very small $5 monthly membership fee. We don’t have the billions of dollars sites like Facebook have, so revenue from monthly fees is used to pay our site designers & marketing staff, and to fund our sprouting rewards program. The revenue we get from fees also keeps us from relying on revenue from advertisers. In other words, the small monthly fees you pay also keep our site free of annoying, intrusive ads.

How do I earn sprouting rewards on PeepSprout?

You can easily earn sprouting rewards by telling your friends to join PeepSprout. When someone joins and designates you as their sprouter, you’ll earn $10.

Do I have to pay taxes on money earned on PeepSprout?

Rewards that are given away as part of our sprouting rewards program are considered income and can be taxed. If an individual earns more than $600 in a tax year, PeepSprout is required to send a 1099 tax notices to both the IRS and the rewards recipient. Most of our members will not need to worry about being taxed on their referral earnings, but if you do, the process is very easy.

How can I sprout new friends on PeepSprout?

It’s easy to sprout new friends. Just tell your friends, family, and co-workers about PeepSprout and send them to our website to join. Make sure they know they can earn easy extra cash by sprouting new friends. When they sign up, it is extremely important that they use your special referral URL to get to the PeepSprout.com website, because that’s the only way we know who sprouted them. We cannot give you credit if a person you sprouted did not click on your special referral link to visit PeepSprout.com. You can find your special referral URL in the Affiliates area when logged into your PeepSprout account.

What is an affiliate account and why is it needed?

This is very important. Your affiliate account is what makes it possible for us to track your member referrals and pay you for them. Your affiliate account is automatically created when you create your PeepSprout account. You can access your affiliate account from inside your PeepSprout.com account at /affiliate-area/. You will find your special referral URL inside your affiliate area. Your special referral URL is the link you must share with others and have them use it when they sign up for their own PeepSprout account. Your special referral URL will look something like this – https://www.peepsprout.com/ref/997/

Who can join PeepSprout?

PeepSprout membership is currently open to people 18 or older in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, and many other countries.

I just joined and I noticed I’m one of the very first members? Where is everyone?

Usually new online social networks quietly add thousands of members before they go public with an official launch. PeepSprout will grow membership (sprout new people) one by one, from the very first member. This means you will likely be one of the first members to join. Every member (including you) has a chance to contribute to PeepSprout’s growth from the very beginning. Once we have millions of members, you can proudly say you were one of the first.

What can members do on PeepSprout?

PeepSprout members can interact with other members via online messaging. Our site also allows members to post photos and videos, plus create and join groups and participate in forums. PeepSprout is not Facebook, but our site does have many similar features in an easy to use, less cluttered environment.

I already use Facebook and other online social networks. Why should I also join PeepSprout?

PeepSprout is the online social network of the future that pays members for adding new friends. Help us grow our members (sprout new people) and you’ll earn rewards. You might want to keep your Facebook account while you also earn rewards on PeepSprout for referring new friends. In fact, Facebook is a great tool you can use to tell your friends about PeepSprout.

Does PeepSprout share contact information with third parties?

Absolutely not. We keep our members’ personal and contact information all to ourselves – we don’t give it out to anyone else.