How It Works

PeepSprout is all about two things – 1) Getting paid to add new friends (also known as “sprouting people”), and 2) Interacting with other people online. It’s all driven by our community website, an integrated affiliate program, and the referral efforts of our awesome PeepSprout members.

You can use PeepSprout to interact with other people with messaging, forums, groups, photos, and videos – pretty much the same as other online communities.

The most exciting part of PeepSprout is getting paid to add new friends, and there are three levels of “sprouters”. Everyone on this site will fall into one of these three categories.

Casual Sprouters
Power Sprouters
Non-sprouters are only interested in using PeepSprout to connect and interact with other people, just like they do on Facebook and other online social communities.

Non-sprouters are not interested in sprouting people and don't make any effort to do so. We welcome Non-sprouters.
Casual Sprouters mostly use PeepSprout to connect and interact with other people, but they also try to sprout at least one or two people each month.

We estimate that most PeepSprout members will be Casual Sprouters.
Power Sprouters are primarily interested in getting paid for their sprouting efforts. They make a side hustle out of it - always actively looking to sprout new people, often through their own blogs, websites, or social media.

Power Sprouters also use PeepSprout to connect and interact with other people, but they also sprout at least five people each month.

Whether your interest is getting paid to sprout new people, interacting with other people online, or both, it’s easy to get started. Just sign up and create your own profile, then start telling your friends to join by using your special sprout ID URL. You’ll earn $10 for every person you sprout.

IMPORTANT: Please read all of the FAQ page for important details and answers to your questions about how the program works, how you get paid, and more.