How to Make Money with PeepSprout

What is PeepSprout and Why Join?

So you’ve joined PeepSprout, or you’re at least considering joining – that’s great. People will join PeepSprout for various reasons. Some will join simply because it’s a new ad-free, clutter-free online social community that’s easier to use and less consuming than facebook. But this particular post will cater to those who join PeepSprout because it’s an easy way to make a little extra cash.

By now you might already know that PeepSprout is not as advanced as facebook, but you probably already realize that’s not what PeePSprout is about. While PeepSprout will become a great place to connect with people, it’s primary draw is earning money by referring new friends to join – also known as “sprouting” people.

How to Make Money with PeepSprout

The beauty of PeepSprout is that a member can get paid easy money just for doing something they’ve most likely already been doing for years – telling their friends to check out cool websites. But how can a member be successful and make any worthwhile cash? After all, the money won’t just magically appear – you have to put forth a little effort. But lucky for you, PeepSprout success doesn’t require any special skills, talents, education, or training. All you have to do is get the word out!

The key to making money with PeepSprout is to tell everyone you know, and then proceed to telling everyone you don’t know. That’s really all there is to it. Tell people about PeepSprout and tell them to join. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, and your schoolmates – tell everyone! But don’t stop there. Those who make the decent extra cash with PeepSprout will master the art of promoting it whenever and however they can. Here’s a few examples of how you can go above and beyond to potentially keep a steady flow of money coming your way.

  • Own or operate a blog? That’s a great place to promote PeepSprout, especially if your blog has a large number of followers.
  • Have a bunch of Twitter followers? Use that platform to spread the news.
  • Have a shitload of friends on sites like Facebook and Instagram? Use those sites to rack up your PeepSprout referrals.
  • Good at writing on sites like Reddit and Tumblr, or other popular social content sites – go for it, do your thing there!
  • Have a website that gets lots of traffic? You should always be promoting PeepSprout there too.
  • Are you a college student? People on campus hand out flyers for crazier things. Why not hand out flyers telling people about PeepSprout?

Whatever methods you choose to get PeepSprput referrals, be sure you always prominently include your unique PeepSprout referral URL. The referral URL you get when you join PeepSprout is what you’ll tell others to click on to visit the PeepSprout site. That’s the only way we know to give YOU credit when someone joins after using your link to find us.

While many people will make little or no effort to sprout people and earn extra cash, there will be the inevitable “power sprouters” who eat, sleep, and breath sprouting new members. While others think small and earn $0 or $10 a month, power sprouters will think big and earn a lot more. Power Sprouters have the passion and stamina to build a good thing and keep it going month after month, year after year. It’s up to every person to decide whether they’ll be a non-sprouter, a casual sprouter, or a power sprouter, and PeepSprout welcomes them all.

What now?

If you’ve already joined PeepSprout, welcome aboard. If you’re still considering joining, we’d love to have you. Some people will have their reasons for not being interested. Some won’t be able to wrap their brains around the $5 monthly fee, but unlike free sites like facebook, this small fee is required to help fund our member referral payouts. The fee also keeps us in business as we spare our members from irritating ads. Others will be reluctant to join because they just don’t trust anything new. Early adopters will understand the vision and get on board sooner rather than later. Whether you’ve already joined or thinking of joining, know that PeepSprout is a great way to earn some easy extra cash – and let’s face it, not everyone wants to drive for Uber (no offense Uber drivers – we know it’s another great side hustle).